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About buying a used car


Pretty common question but I have to understand… Can you give me just two numbers, you’d recommend for:

Average mileage.
Minimum year.

And I am not really sure if this is important, but I live in Malta, a small island. Trips are usually short, about 30mins or less, and there’s traffic a lot of the time. I think that’s not so good for the engine, which means low mileage is especially important.

This is an example car I found (in my location):

But 2010 sounds too old to me, almost 10 years.


Maintenance records for regular service an independent inspection plus carfax is a great start.

All cars on Malta are going to have a similar problem, low miles, lots of short trips, sitting in traffic a lot, horrible for an engine. Once you find a car you like pay a mechanic to inspect it for you, best $90 Euro you will spend.

Not sure how someone who does not live on an island of 95 square miles can relate or give used vehicle advice. Seems like the perfect place for a Vespa scooter with a side car.

Would they even have Carfax there ?


I couldn’t find Carfax in Malta, but some dealers who import cars from UK do history checkst (HPI checks)…

Most of us live in the USA and don’t know anything about driving on Malta. We don’t know if 9000 miles per year on average is low, average, or high mileage for your area. That would be low mileage in the US.

Most of the cars built these days should go over 200,000 miles as long as they are maintained well. Spend more time looking at the car’s condition than age and mileage. Also, age and mileage depends on how much you are willing to spend.

I’m no help. I’ve bought used cars anywhere from 30,000 miles to over 100,000. Just depends on condition and price. A late model car with 100K that has been on the highway mostly can be a very good deal. You have to remember though that taxis will get 300-400,000 miles on them.

What I could find on Google is the average either 4846miles / year or 6000 miles / year - so something like that.

Some dealers have cars they import them from UK or Japan, mileage 9900 miles (verified), year 2013. I’ll ask them why so low in 6 years.