Abnormal voice


After oil change one week ago, I heard abnormal voice(like “ci”) when I drive above 60mph. What’s the problem? is this gas leaking? I also got some other problems after oil change. Did the repair store do something wrong to my car?


How about a little more help.

Make, model year and miles of car

Has all recommended maintenance been done, like plugs wires filers (oil gas fuel)? When does it make the noise? Where does the noise seem to be coming from? How often? What circumstances? Any prior problems? Have you checked the oil level? What it high low or right? How long have you owned the car?


This is NISSAN ALTIMA 2001 and near 100K miles.
After oil change, the store recommended change of transmission fluid and CV axile accessories. I did it. It makes noise when the speed is higher than 60miles. The noise seems come from the bottom of the car. The frequency depends on the speed, more fast, more often and bigger noise. It just happened 1-2 weeks ago. What do you mean “check oil level”?
I’m third owner of this car since last May.



After oil change one week ago, I heard abnormal voice (like “ci”)
Did the abnormal voice say “ci” or “ciao”? If the latter, perhaps you ran over a pedestrian.


Cartalk has a little program for car sounds. Go to cartalk homepage. Click on Actual Car Information. Scroll down the page to Owning? At Car Noise Emporium you can “Play nearly 30 sounds and get the official diagnosis”. Pick a sound and download a file.


Or maybe an Italian ghost…