Abandoned Vehicle in NH


I had some tenants take off leaving us with lots of unpaid rent and a special present, and abandoned Chevy Blazer in the driveway. We have new tenants coming in, and desire to get this heap out of there. It hasn’t moved in over a year, and the rumor is that it needs a new fuel injector. There are no plates on it, and I haven’t looked for the VIN in the dashboard.

I’d like to get this car off my hands, so I’m looking for (in order of desire):

1) Someone to take it off of me and leave a little cash in my hands,

2) Someone to take it off of me and leave a write-off in my hands, or

3) Someone to take it off of me and leave me anything but a bill in my hands.

Any suggestions?



I can not speak for NH law but I can tell you about Washington law. In Washington as the home owner you have one right. That right is to contact a local towing operator and have the vehicle impounded. The tow truck driver that impounds it will give you a copy of the impound slip describing the condition of the vehicle. They will make an attempt to contact the legal owner to pay the towing and storage fees. In Washington after 30 days they will sell it and go after the legal owner for any difference between the selling price and the towing and storage fees.
Since you are not the legal owner of the vehicle you can not sell it or give it away.
I would also suggest you take a real close look at your local landlord/tennant laws about disposal of any personnal property left at the residence.


look in the yellow pages for auto wrecking, auto towing, or auto salvage.

explain to them what is happening, and be honest. they may come get it, and part it out. they may not.

also, go to your local library. get a New York times. search the paper, there are ads for: ‘donated cars wanted’. call them and talk to them about how to get rid of this. it shouldn’t cost you anything. i dont know if yOu could get the tax write off though, since you dont own it, but at least you should be able ot get rid of it.


Take Dartmans advise and call the STATE police. They will have it towed off as an illegally parked/abandoned vehicle. Don’t YOU become involved with it.


I emphatically agree with the advice you’ve been given to contact the state police. They may refer you to your local police department, and then you go there, but do not do anything on your own. Let the law handle it.


Surely this is the jurisdiction of the county or city law enforcement officers? and not the state?


As the others said, contact the law. Any law - state police, county, local. Ask how you can get rid of the truck. Since it’s private property, you may have to pay for the tow. But don’t do it until the authorities say you can.


If push came to shove, I would wait for a quite evening, slip it in to neutral, and push it on to the shoulder of the road. Let the police impound it. Not saying that’s the best method, but it’s one method…


I’m not familiar with NH law, but in OK a clear title can be acquired pretty easily for an abandoned vehicle. It’s a process called a Title 42.

If the vehicle is fairly straight, then a call to the local DMW to find out if something like a Title 42 is done there could be worthwhile.
On the other hand, if the vehicle is a rag then call the law and see what they say.


I live in NH and I also own income property…and had the same problem about 10 years ago…

You MUST call the police before you can move this vehicle. It could even be stolen. Call the police and have them check it out. Then let them know what you plan on doing (having it towed to a junk yard). If it’s stolen the police will tow it for you (that’s what happened to me).