Abandoned Bentley Gets Donated To WDET Through Car Talk Vehicle Donation!

Hi all!

Car Talk is happy and proud to share this story!

An abandoned Bentley Continental GT Convertible with only 65K miles on it is donated to WDET through Car Talk’s Vehicle Donation Program!

Our talented partners at AMMO did an amazing job detailing the car and getting it in top shape. The car is on sale through eBay, with all proceeds going to support National Public Radio and WDET!

Read more about this generous donation and this cool vehicle journey here.

See the video of the detailing process here.

See the finished product on sale on eBay here!

Vehicle donation is an important part of what we do here at Car Talk. And we love to highlight generous donations that help benefit NPR stations!

Have any of our Car Talk Community members ever donated a car, or considered doing so? Let us know your experiences and your questions below!

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Interesting. It’s a generous donation. Hopefully NPR will locate an equally generous buyer!

We hope so! Whenever we have a donation this cool come in, we try to make the most of it. Such a stunning vehicle!