A troubling report in the WSJ


Sorry Carolyn , but I think removing the altered quote was over reacting .


We’ve disagreed before. It’s OK.


My daughter bought a new CX-5 AWD last year and she loves it. I’ve ridden in it a couple of times. It rides and handles well and has comfortable seating and visibility seemed good, to me. I like engines that aren’t boosted (turbo or supercharger attached) to obtain decent power and MPGs as Mazda has done with this machine.


It’s Carolyn’s candy shop, and I’m willing to accept her decisions in these matters. That doesn’t mean I like or agree with this particular decision, but she’s built up enough of a good reputation that I’m comfortable deferring to her judgment as to what gets censored on the public side.

But I do very much appreciate the note of support.


I don’t mind feedback, but to be totally transparent about it once I removed the problem term, none of the subsequent stuff made sense. I almost deleted the entire exchange because it wasn’t really relevant. Maybe I should have done that. And before I go on any further I’ll end the digression and you’re all free to PM me if needed.


Do a quick search on this site or a google search and you’ll find that term is not so “problematic” ( as in it’s an actual widely used car term). We’ve had it used by folks who still post here daily without sensorship, but I’m not looking to argue and I’ll happily go with the results. Also, if I use any offensive common car terms, please remove them, too. Thanks in advance,


I’ve always understood the term as a pejorative. It’s also useful to note that a number of your peers disagreed with its use. I made the final call, but it wasn’t all me.


Well at any rate, that wasn’t a very nice thing to say just because some of us can get a discount on coffee. That reminded me though, before they were bought out by Delta, our local airline was known as Northwest Orient. It was not a negative thing at all, just described where they flew to. @common_sense_answer :sunglasses:


I thought it was pretty funny! I’ve flown on Northwest Orient, too!

I was always taught that before taking any comment too seriously, one should consider the source.

Besides, wouldn’t that be demeaning to folks who are “like 90 years old” or from The Orient? I have 2 guys on one of my golf leagues who are 90. They can’t do anything about it, but they seem fine to me, have decent handicaps and at least they’re out there… and what’s XX, I wonder?

Anyhow, back to cars… I prefer American based GM (I have to see an American badge on mine), My daughter drives a Japanese based Mazda CX-9, my son drives a Japanese based Subaru Outback. We all like our vehicles. They all burn gas of some sort, all go down the road, all are reliable. The bottom line is that one should not stress over picking one vehicle or another or even get opinions from anybody.

Take a look, drive some cars, kick some tires, buy new or pre-owned, buy something affordable to You, but above all buy what YOU like, something comfortable to You (physically, mentally, and fiscally viable), not what others like. I have to have white or silver and dark tint, but that’s just me (and Florida). They all work.

I watched a guy in a line at Dairy Queen with his kids one day while walking by on a sidewalk. He was growing impatient because the kids could not decide what treat to order. He finally barked, “Just pick something! You won’t even have it that long!” He had a point, but kids are kids.

I don’t even want to count how many cars I’ve purchased for up to 4 drivers, including back-up vehicles (northern home is extremely rural), owning them 6 at a time, over the past 5 1/2 decades. I’ve never had a bad one, new or used and I’ve never stressed over a purchase.


Hey Bing, sometimes when I’m on a road trip in my car I’ll buy a coffee (usually just carry home brew), but I’ve never had a discount. What am I missing? Where can I get one?


I think Hardee’s does or at least they used to when they insulted me and gave me the discount before I was eligible. I guess once you hit 40 it’s hard for the kids to see the difference in 40 to 90, they all look the same. Then at the grocery store, every Tuesday is senior day with discounts but I refuse to go there on Tuesday-too many old people. Thing is, all these young whipper snappers that think they are so cute are gonna be there someday saying the same thing as us.


She interesting in a small CUV type vehicle. Lets buy the GM version which is called a Chevy Trax.

Korean designed by GM and built in Mexico. Hmmmm is it a foreign car except for brand plate?


American! GM is based in my country, not some foreign one. Let me be clear. As I said, I need to see an American badge on my vehicles.

The earliest imported(?) GM badged car I owned was back in 76, a 4-banger Chevy Luv P/U (Isuzu). It worked okay. I bought it because I could not pass up the deal. It was very uncomfortable and got terrible MPG, but it was as reliable as all my other GM vehicles.