A summer problem

Okay guys, just a tip for those who suddenly experience wobble on the highway. It’s summer here, been really hot lately, and I had a problem I’ve never had before.

Thursday, while I was out getting sunshine, I stopped at a small store to browse. Apparently I parked with one tire on a large crack patch that had not been done properly. When I drove off, I heard the “flap flap flap flapping” sound of something stuck to the tire. My tire had sunken into, and peeled up, a large patch. I spent a couple of hours yesterday with a steel putty knife, screwdriver, and tar remover removing over 3oz of crack patching tar from my tread. Needless to say, the wheel was undrivable on the highway.

So, the point is, if you get someone coming in for a sudden front end shimmy, don’t forget to check the thread. This was a first for me, but I cannot be the only one it’s happened to.

Good tip, i have never heard of that happening. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a few hours, Did you at least have cartalk on?

Naw. But I did make sure to have a cooler handy with a large bottle of cold juice. The temperature was in the 90s and dehydration was a real danger.

@mountainbike…my son called me a few years ago to help him with his motorcycle. He had ridden it to the Cineplex with his wife and they watched a couple of movies. The bike’s kickstand had sunk down into the asphalt in the hot afternoon and had fallen on it’s side. Since the air was cool in the evening…the asphalt had turned hard again and had a firm grip on the kickstand.

It took a wrecker to pull the bike out of the asphalt’s grip. The wrecker driver told us that a side mounted kickstand in the asphalt was bad but some of the center kickstand’s sinking was even worse. Thanks for the “crack patch” warning. It’s something that I never would have thought of.

Scary thought as my trumpet lost it’s kickstand, and is centermount only now. the kickstand was busted off in one of those stupid moments, but the frame is fine.

Last year my BIL bought new General tires for his Toyota. Within a week his wife had driven over some tar. The vibration was terrible and had it to the tire shop twice to look for problems and clean the tar off the wheels. I almost didn’t buy Generals myself because I thought maybe they were prone to balance problems but it was only the tar on the wheels.

Missileman, looks like you have an idea for his next birthday gift…a metal “kickstand plate”. Meanwhile, I hope he knows now to look for concrete to lean he kickstand on.