A little computer & car humor


Ha, I drove from Nashville to DC area and back for my fil’s funerial with 2 boys (8 & 11) a pregnant wife who had to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes, all while driving a new 2000 manual trans Neon… I understand the pain… :sweat_smile:


I feel your pain!

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My memory, computer memory and car memory have all failed one time or another.

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I had a really funny Hard Drive Joke, but “my memory” failed and I do not remember it…


I had to do a VA - NY trip one July in my '97 Ranger (black) that was never equipped with A/C. Ugh.

Then there was that one Thanksgiving trip from VA - NY where the 7 hour drive became 12 when the kids were both little. Serves me right for trying to travel then, but there wasn’t much room in the scheduling.

Then there was…ok well, we could all go on about it I guess.

In the 1950s it was a lot worse. We used to drive to South Carolina from DC a couple of times a year to see my father’s family. No interstate highways and no AC, at least in our car. During one summer trip in 1953 my mother was in the back seat of our 1949 Nash feeding me mashed peas. My father had to stop the car so that she could throw up on the roadside. I don’t remember that car. I do remember the 1955 Chevrolet 150 sedan, again with no AC. At least it had a powerglide transmission.

Did death valley, 118 degrees no ac and heat on to keep the engine cool 71 Nova. Sweat was dripping down from the inside of my knee joint where skin touched. Course girlfriend and I used to drive in very cold temps with the windows down just to see who could take it longer.


Good story. Hopefully you could roll the windows down at least. Calif resident, so I’ve been there on holiday many times. Truck, VW Rabbit, and Corolla, all w/o AC. It was in the low 100’s, but never super-hot like you experienced.

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Something like that on my first drive to Houston from Cincinnati for college in my ‘72 Duster in August. Ran the heater, etc. Next summer I installed an a/c, thick radiator, and high flow fan, worked fine.


My parents toured Arizona and New Mexico in the summer in their 1970 Datsun 510 wagon with black vinyl seats and chrome seat belt buckles. That car later had seat covers for a very good reason. One of those cars where you roll down the windows and drive faster.

In the early '70’s I was stationed at Luke AFB, just outside of Phoenix. AZ, the area is surrounded by various mountains and it was called the “Valley of the Sun…” and it was HOT… I remember the weather reports, 100-days over 100-degrees…

I also had a friend with a cooling problem in his car. During the day, he had to turn the heater on, full power, to keep his car from overheating…

Another friend had an Auto Swamp cooler… the unit had a straw mat wrapped around the inlet cone. You would pour water into the unit and that soaked the straw mat. The air was rammed into it while driving and the air flowed through the straw and then into the car. The damp air was much cooler… As you can see in the photo, it looks like a jet engine on the side of the car. (photo off the internet…)

Our first apartment in Phoenix also had a swamp cooler. It was a big unit, about half the size of a refrigerator that hung off the outside wall… It also had straw mats built into three sides and water trickled down through the mats and a big barrel drum blower drew air in through the mats and blew it into the apartment.

Our second apartment had real air conditioning and it was much better!!!

The local big-box hardware store displayed a computerized evaporative cooler for sale for $450, but I don’t they couldn’t unload it. It sat in a corner looking forlorn for several years before it finally disappeared. I expect one of the employees offered $50 to remove it from the store.

That’s VOLVO around the computer and that’s me telling him what I know.

4 of us had to drive from San Francisco to Cape Cod for a wedding scheduled for Saturday, September 16, 2001, because there were no airplanes flying that week. We rented a mini-van, set off at about 6 am Thursday, drove straight through, I-80 to I-90 to avoid New York City. 3 hour shifts, stopped for gas and brought food with us, met a lot of folks going home from all over, and made it to Chatham on the Cape at about 10:00 am Saturday for a 1:00pm wedding.

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3200 miles in 52 hours! That’s something you don’t forget.

If a stupor sets in after 24 hours, maybe you do forget. :wink:

Back in the days before I-95, two friends and I made it from Daytona Beach, FL to Central NJ in 19 hours. IIRC, that drive was ~1,000 miles.

Being able to change-off among three drivers really helped, but we were in a non-air conditioned 1970 Ford Maverick which wasn’t exactly comfortable. It was definitely grueling, and I don’t think I will ever forget that experience.

Nope, don’t think I could stand any 4 people that cooped up for that many hours all at once… Besides, you can catch there next wedding… :joy: :rofl:

I wouldn’t cause it would be the reason I was in prison for life… lol

My daughter and friends did that too. They took a trip to LA from MD to visit friends, stopping along the way at other friend’s homes. Still, they went from Texas to Cali without an overnight stay.