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A funny thing happened on the way home from the brake shop

I had a local muffler & brake shop inspect and repair my brakes(pads,rotors, calipers) on both axles. They completed the job and I start driving home.
5 miles into the journey home, on the interstate my rear driver-side wheel separates from my Mazda CX-9! I was shocked and amazingly I was able to bring my vehicle to a stop without any incident. ( I slid ~1000 ft on that driver side hub/control arm.) My wheel was a 1/4 mile down the freeway - also intact.

The brake shop has taken responsibility- and they promise to make it ‘right’.

My questions:

  1. What systems/components should they inspect/repair/replace on that rear axle?
  2. Should I bring this vehicle to another mechanic to verify that this place did a competent repair job - aka did not miss anything?
  3. Am I crazy to let them fix my car?

Feeling lucky in Seattle,

They may have forgotten to tighten the lug nuts on that wheel.


  1. They will most likely take of what needs repaired because they are losing money and don’t want this to happen again.
  2. Yes , after the repair it would be wise to have every thing checked which will cost a diagnostic fee .
  3. No , not crazy because other wise you will pay for all the repairs .
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  1. It will be apparent what they need to do to repair it… likely broken wheel studs at a minimum and a damaged brake rotor is likely

  2. If it makes you feel more secure, sure.

  3. No, they are trying to do right by you by accepting responsibility and the cost of repair. Mistakes happen.


I would have some concern about a rear bent control arm, trailing arm, etc. I’d want it on an alignment rack to see if anything is out of whack.


I do most of my own work. I don’t trust anyone else. I check all the fluids and nuts, etc., before I start the car.

Same thing happened when my brother in law left the Toyota dealer with his 4 runner several years ago. Like RT, I enjoy doing my own work and I’m a little scared to let anyone else.