A feel-good story

…about how the automotive technology students at a NJ Vocational School are helping to lift an elderly man’s spirits by restoring his 1969 AMX. And, of course, in the process, the students are gaining a lot of knowledge that they might not have been exposed to otherwise:

Amazing how the human spirit can be revitalized by looking ahead while remembering the past. Really great of these “kids”. We look forward to the day we can restore the human body as we can do with cars. In the mean time, anything that these students can give, they get back many times over. Not only does it reinvigorate a life, they are building great memories and pride in doing something for a fellow human being they can carry with them for the rest of theirs.

I’d think it would also make for better mechanical skills to understand how ‘our forefathers’ designed and built cars with the tech that was available. How often do you see a points ignition and a carburetor on anything bigger than lawn equipment these days?