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? a choice?

If both vehicles are mechanically sound and equal in every other way, should I buy a 2002 Ford Focus wagon with about 110,000 miles on it or a 2005 Ford Focus wagon with about 170,000 miles on it?

(Thank you)

I would tend to go with the vehicle that has fewer miles, but…the most important factor in selecting a used car is to find one with proof of good maintenance. If either one of those cars has been subjected to extended oil change intervals, and/or has never had the transmission serviced, then it is a time bomb waiting to explode in your wallet.

Do not buy either one unless you can view hard copies of its maintenance record, and compare those to the mfr’s maintenance schedule. And, even if a car passes that review, it still needs to be inspected by a mechanic of your choosing, in order to detect accident damage and/or incipient problems.

If You Live In The “Rust Belt” Where Road Salt Is Used Then Sometimes That Factors Into A Decision. Check The Undersides Carefully For Signs Of Any Corrosion Setting In Because Rust Kills Cars, Often Sending Them To An Early Demise.

Where I live any 2002 or older car possibly has serious rust issues, usually a 2005, not so much. Although the 05 does have more miles, it’s usually not the miles that causes rust problems as much as age (sitting around and corroding away).

Lots of variables to deal with, here. There is no black and white choice.


I would stay away from either one, and look for something more reliable. Buy a copy of Consumer reports Used Car Buying Guide and pick a more suitable car.

Nft Was Asking About A Choice Between Two Specific Cars.

Believe It Or Not, Some People Actually Like These Cars, They Fit Their Needs, Are Priced Well, And They Get Good Service From Them.

That’s been the case with all of my vehicles, over many years, that are not preferred by Consumer Reports.

Study up on any used car before making a purchase and know what other owners have to say beforehand. Once a car gets to be as old as the two cars in question then condition/maintenance is more important than other considerations, regardless of manufafturer/make/model.


Hopefully the timing belt has been replaced on them.

I’d go for the 05, all things equal. The Focus did have some teething issues in its first couple years