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A Cheap Fix for Body Damage? and then some

This weekend i clipped a tree on my way out of my subdivision because of the snow we recently got here in Missouri. The damage wasn’t substantial but there is a 2x3 inch tab that the tree pulled upon the front right bumper of my 1998 Accord LX with 270k on the engine. It also broke the plastic wheel well in half that i promptly pushed back up into place so it wouldn’t be touching the wheel.
Is there an easy way of getting this piece of hard plastic to be flush with the bumper without buying a whole new bumper? and how not safe is it to drive around with a split wheel well? I drove to work the past to days and topped out at about 80 mph and its stayed in place.
One last thing. I noticed my engine running hotter than average while holding the accelerator but as soon as i take my foot off the gas, the thermometer slowly drops back to the middle. Could this be connected to the accident?
Thanks in advanced,

You can pull out the fender (drill holes and yank on it) or perhaps hammer it out from inside if you have enough room to work the hammer. A better job could be done by a body man. Which ever you should be able to get the plastic wheel well liner to work ok but the whole thing will look pretty rough.

A far as the temperature, you may have cracked a fitting on the radiator, or damaged the radiator. If you are losing coolant that could account for the changes in temperature you are noticing.

With the engine cold, remove the radiator cap and see if it’s full to the brim. If not, find and fix the leak…If it’s full, then there is a good chance the radiator itself is plugged up with deposits, restricting flow…Or the thin metal fins that are pressed in between the downtubes (or cross-tubes) are badly corroded and falling out, reducing the radiators efficiency…