A/C problem

replaced the ac compress/filter dryer/exp block on 04 dodge grand caravan. pulled vac for 45 min, let sit for 1hr. no movement of needles no leaks. charged system to 2.69, start van turn on ac compress clutch engaged but will not cycle off stays engaged. air temp from vents 60 to 65 deg, low side 55 psi high side 250 psi at 85 deg air temp needles do not move up or down stay steady. high side hose from compress very hot ( burned hand on it ) low side hose to compress warm/cool. any idea what the prob could be.

When the compressor failed, did it fail internally?

Because if it did, you not only have to replace those components, but you also have to flush the hoses, condenser, and evaporator to remove any debis from the failed compressor.

If this isn’t done, the debis can cause all sorts of problems with the AC system.


compressor did not fail internally, pully bearing & clutch let go. all hoses /condenror/evap/clear. blown out with shop air then flushed out.

Do the radiator fans run on high with the a/c on? Are the fins of the condensor clogged with dirt and debris? The high side at 250 psi should be very warm, but not hot enough the leave a burn mark.

Does this caravan have rear A/C? 2.69 LBS should be for duel A/C, front only should be about 1.80 LBS.

yes the fans run with ac on,condenser is clean & clear. yes the van has rear ac.