A/C isn't cold

2001 Subaru outback
Heat works great, AC doesn’t get cold. No noises in the fan and it blows hard.

Have the state of charge of the refrigerant checked.


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To add to Tester’s reply, have it done by an independent mechanic that is qualified to work on AC, recommend you do not go to a chain like Pep Boys, Firestone, etc.


Thank you. I’ve heard that is the best plan.

Caveat, I had a similar problem with an older car, which I assumed would require the replacement of the compressor, etc. but my independent mechanic refused to work on it until the temperatures got over 50 degrees and he could get a good reading.

Instead of thousands of dollars for component replacements it cost a couple of hundred for diagnosis of a bad electrical connection.

My compressor clicks on/off when I use defrost. And it’s -2f today.

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It could just be low on freon, after 22 years that would be expected. Happened to my 12 year old car. But have a pro diagnose and repair/refill it.

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