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A/c blower motor

I replaced the a/c blower motor resister(the fan was only running on high) now it will work on all speeds but not all the time sometimes when i start the car it works great and sometimes not at all and sometimes it will start to work after the car has been running for 10 to15 mins what is this doing

You need to make sure that the connections are tight on the resistor pack. If the connections are OK then it’s either a bad resistor pack or the blower motor is getting weak. Does the motor run on high when it does not run on the lower speeds?

The motor ran only on high for the last 6 months or so then i read that was because the resister was bad so i replaced it with a new one from the dealer now when it runs it runs fine on all speeds or it just wont run at all Is there a solinoid between the control and the resister thet may be bad also?

All you should need to do is pull all of the connections and clean them up really well. Use a little light filing/sanding and some electrical contact cleaner. Also find and check the ground.

The next time the blower motor fails to run, reach under the dash and tap on the blower motor with the handle of a screwdriver. If this gets the blower to start operating replace the blower motor.


A Blower Motor Going Bad Can Blow The Resistor (That’s Probably What Blew The First One). If Tester’s Advice Indicates A Bad Motor, Replacing It Right Away Could Save You Another Resistor.