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A/C blower fan not blowing as hard

Just high centered my 99 Mitsubishi Mirage turning off a country road. Now my air conditioner fan isns’t blowing as hard. (not to mention the brake light and battery light stay on all the time now) Why would the fan suddenly stop blowing as hard?..Thanks!

If the battery light is staying on, then the output from the alternator is lower than that of the battery. Eventually, the battery will go dead. The voltage that the air conditioning fan is receiving is probably now less than 12 volts. When the alternator is operating properly, the voltage is somewhere around 14. Someone else willl have to supply then answer for the brake light.

On a car that old, you might need to get the blower motor cleaned to remove leaves and stems. The bearing in the blower motor could also be worn out.

what exactly is “high centered”?