A/c and heat work but fan does not

2008 Chevy Cobalt

The fan for my A/c and heat does not turn on anymore. The A/c and heating systems themselves do work because if I put my hand right up against the vent I can feel it. When I switch on the fan, there is no noise, no humming either. This happened over the course of two days where first the fan worked fine, then it took a little while to turn on, then it would only turn on if I put it on high and waited a long time, then it didn’t turn on at all. Since then I have not tried to turn the fan on for more than a few minutes to see if I can get it to work again because I’m concerned that the trapped heat or A/c might damage something inside (am I correct?).

I would like to know what I should probably be getting fixed/replaced before I go to a mechanic so I am not completely ignorant about it and can also do some price checking. Any help would be appreciated!

It probably needs a new fan motor. Don’t try to run the AC without the blower blowing/