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A bit of timely cartoon humor

… that is all too true.

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Ooohhh Yeaaaaaaahhhhh!

Jeff’s attorney is ordering up his cars as well.

Yeah my heart goes out to the poor guy that can’t make his house payment because he has been out of work for two weeks. Some folks were out of work for two years and there didn’t seem to be much sympathy from DC. Anyone who has not been out of work for a couple weeks please raise your hand. Anyone?

I may well be in the minority, but I was steadily employed from 1969 to 2008.
That being said, I do empathize with those who are being currently being held captive by the current POTUS’s intractable demands.

Yep all those that used to be in favor of a barrier before they weren’t in favor. Ha ha ha. Such hypocrites.

But yeah geez you’re lucky. Since 1970 I guess the longest was six months off, but I’ve been laid off, wife on strike, shut down, shut out. . . Just the way it is. Ya gotta plan for it a little and never missed a payment.