A $250 fine for "left lane squatters"


At least there is already a law in Oregon concerning your 40mph dope in the left lane. Our minimum interstate speed is 45mph and that unusually slow speed is restricted to the right lane only. The proposed law was reported on the local news yesterday with a fine of $110 which is the minimum fine for a moving violation. It’s a good idea but as others have commented will most likely not be regularly enforced.


In concept, I support trying to get drivers to use the left lane primarily for passing. In practice, it seems like it would be tough to enforce and not particularly high priority for law enforcement. Also, I wish the lawmakers could get a little more creative on the punishment rather than fines. Perhaps having to put a dunce cap on your vehicle for a period of time or a sign attached to the rear of the car that says “I’m a left lane slowpoke” or some such embarrassment. Fines seem to be a deterrent only if you’re aware of the fine and if it actually causes you financial pain.


So we are in agreement then that simply passing unenforceable laws does not do much. I have seen vigilantes get in front of a car like this and slow to the point where the guy has to move over, the traffic quickly buzzes by and the lane blocker got the message. Much more effective than a $250 fine. As long as the lane blocker isn’t carrying a gun-unlikely.


If I’m doing 80 in the left lane and passing several slow vehicles in the middle lane, why should I move over and then be stuck in that slow middle lane and not be able to get back in the left lane . . . ?


I’m not sure it would work here, except in the wee hours of the morning. Big, slow trucks are in the three right-most lanes and traffic almost moves in the left lane, except that some Sunday driver with nowhere to go (during rush hour) leaves 5 or more car lengths before rolling slowly forward.


I lived in Massachusetts for 15 years. One thing I learned living there- getting back into the lane is always possible :wink:


That audio, tho…
…at least I know what Red Green’s nephew has been up to since the show ended!


Funny, I’m of the opinion that I wasn’t put on this Earth to facilitate others’ lawbreaking…not that I’ll actively intervene to “roadblock” speeders, but if I’m doing PSL+10, passing traffic doing the PSL…anybody zooming up on me doing PSL+25 is gonna have to wait!


But leaving anything less than that means your safety is compromised. I don’t care how heavy the traffic is, I always leave a safe distance between my car and the one in front. And I get very upset when someone tailgates me.


Meanjoe, I agree 100%


Just like our speed limits.


Ever since i had a child i decided it was more important to avoid potentially volatile situations where possible. It’s more important for me to get home than prove a point. It’s hardly any inconvenience and the situation is avoided. Trust me I’m not diving out of the way, just letting them go through at first opportunity…


5 car lengths minimum at no more than 20 MPH, and usually more like 10 MPH max. If traffic speeds up significantly (unusual), the gap grows to more than 10 car lengths quickly. I see people in all lanes that never get over 30 or 40 in a 55 to 65 zone when traffic is heavy, making the end of a backup much longer than necessary.


For interesting theories and stories search bad drivers clovers. The ‘clover’ term came from an old driving forum and was the user name of a poster who insisted that all the bad habits addressed in this thread were required for “safe” driving. WARNING! These sites may result in a sore neck from constantly shaking your head.


Have you ever considered the tailgater who’s flashing his high beams at you, cursing you out, making obscene hand gestures, etc. is the one who’s trying to prove a point . . . ? :confused:

By pulling over and getting stuck in that slow middle lane, you’re kind of legitimizing/excusing his behaviour :frowning2:


Those escalations don’t happen because i move over. Make no mistake, I’m not going to move until it’s safe to do so and if i get stuck for a minute, not a big deal. For the most part, people don’t flash lights etc here but do tailgate.

Like i said, i used to try “educating” these types but now there is too much at stake. It’s not about me anymore beyond my responsibility to be around to provide for my family and frankly, i doubt i ever had any impact on people’s behaviour long term.


“Valet service?”


I do NOT like the idea of another driver having control over my vehicle, while I’m driving it

I would use serious profanity to describe the technology, and the thoughts behind it, but this is a family friendly website, so you’ll just have to imagine for yourselves what I’m thinking :wink:

The only way that I would think the use of this technology is okay, would be if law enforcement officers used it to slow down/control erratic, dangerous, drunk, etc. drivers


db, I think you need to consider today’s (technically yesterday’s) date, before getting TOO bent out of shape about it…


Yeah, I know it’s still not realistic, but it COULD be the norm some day, possibly/probably in my lifetime

And I still don’t like the thought of it