99 Subaru Legacy Outback

At the back of the engine compartment there are two mounted gold screws on each side of the car. One screw holds two wires of a three wire set; the other screw has the remaining wire attached. This is the same on each side.

What do these wires control?

The problem: somehow the single wire on the passenger side was almost cut all the way through. I think the wire was completely severed. Can I complete the cut and splice the two ends together? Is regular electrical tape okay or is something else required for autos? There really isn’t a lot of slack. If I need to add a new wire what kind should I use?

Thank you so much for any guidance you can provide.

I’ll defer to the experts but I think those are just ground wires for various. Just splice it back to good health.

Those are just ground wires. WIthout a wiring schematic in hand I can’t tell you what items they ground.

Yes the wire can simply be spliced back together. The best method is to solder them and cover the connection with heat shrink. I wouldn’t worry about replacing any wire.

If you do not have a soldering iron and don’t want to go that route you can repair the severed wire with a butt connector or with a male and female spade connector. Those connectors are available at any auto parts store, Wal Mart, etc.

The last and least preferred method is to bare the wire ends, use a Two-Wire Twist, and wrap the connection with electrical tape.

You might also remove both bolts and clean any corrosion on the body panel and off of the round eyelet wire connectors.

Thank you for your guidance.

Any wire bolted to the chassis is a ground.

Before clipping it, check to see if it’s “hot”. Some circuits such as door locks and security systems remain with 12VDC applied even when the key is OFF. If it is, ask the dealer’s parts guy for a wiring diagram and schematic to find out what it goes to, then remove the fuse(s). It’s better than blowing them.

I’ve attached a link to wiring splice information that will hopefully be helpful.