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'99 Rav 4 quits running

99 Toyota Rav 4, 2.0, 4wd, 207,000 miles.

At first it just quit running at low rpm and/or speed and had a changing idle. Cleaning the Idle Air Control valve and the throttle plate made the idle problem better. Replacing the IAC valve fixed the idle problem. It also got new NGK plugs and wires. Also new fuel filter.

Now it runs great on the freeway but just turns off at low speed or idle. It always starts right up. Codes are P1300 igniter circuit malfunction, P1310 igniter circuit bank 2, P0300 ignition system or misfire. The igniters are in the coils and there was corrosion where the plug wires connect so I replaced them for no improvement.


Here’s how to troubleshoot for DTC’s P1300 & P1310.