99 mazda protege oil change

Is it ok to use 5-30 weight oil in a 99 mazda protege?

Yes, when this car was designed almost all car engine oil was 5W30. Your owner’s manual will likely have some choices, like 10W30 for hot weather. In any case I would use 0W20 or anything that light in a car that age.

We usually recommend reading the car manual, though that may be missing. But, that generation of cars usually used that weight oil. But, to be sure try to get a copy of the manual or go to the Mazda dealer and ask them. That is 5W-30, not 5-30.

Good of you to try to find out. People who pay no attention can really break things up by neglect.

says 10W-30 but still recommends reading the specific owners manual.

One year newer, the 2000 Protoge calls for 5W-30 for temps from -20F to 100F. And it calls for 10W30 for all temps above 0F.

Doesn’t it probably have a recommendation right on the oil filler cap?

You can download the entire 1400+ page service manual at:


See page 520 for oil specs.

Engine oil grade
API service SG (Energy Conserving II), SH (Energy Conserving II) or ILSAC (GF-I) SJ or ISLAC (GF-II)
Engine oil viscosity
Above –25 °C {–13 °F}: SAE 10W-30
–30 °C—37 °C {–22 °F—98 °F}: SAE 5W-30

Try to get the shop manual ASAP on HD and/or flash memory or CD. That sucker is practical. Though if you use Windows make sure your virus checker is up to date. It is a Russian URL.

Is it ok to use 5-30 weight oil

A sidenote, I think I recall hearing here that the “W” in the oil rating doesn’t stand for “weight”, it stands for “winter”. So 5W 30 means that 5 (which I think is a viscosity rating) is what’s needed for winter driving.