99 Mazda 626 intermittent DOA on start

Hello all, this is my first post. I have a Mazda 626 with under 100K on it. Runs fine, the only bugs (I’m aware of) is the fuel gauge goes to 1/4 then it goes back up so I keep track of the mileage and have to keep the battery terminals clean as the neg terminal seems to build up corrosion.

Recently when I park the car after driving it(with the AC on), and I come back it wont start. This isnt every time, and the first time it starter soon when I just kept trying it. The second time I was stuck for about 15 minutes and then tried it again and it worked. No CEL, the battery is fine (the starter keeps turning every time I try it). I have some background working on cars, and I thought the fuel pump might be getting tired, but why would that matter only on startup? Where do I turn (besides my local mechanic?)



The fuel pump is possible and they can become hear sensitive, but my first guess is the ignition system.  Check to see if you are getting spark at the plug.  It could be plugs, wires or whatever passes for a coil in your car.

You Got, I will check that, but what would cause this intermittent problem in the ignition system, and only on start up? It runs smooth the rest of the time when driving? And I got to be honest with you all, this is my wife’s car, and am looking to get this problem fixed a: so I can not loose her respect as a “car guy”, and b: so she wont want to drive MY car! :wink: LOL.

Thanks Joseph!


Well, it happened again Saturday, so it seems to be happening with shorter intervals. Also we’ve noticed it happening shortly after the car has been shut off. So it hasn’t been sitting very long after driving when it wont turn back on. Also just like the last times, after several minutes it starts again just fine. Very confusing and frustrating.

Startless in Seattle

Did you ever get to the bottom of your problem? I’ve been having the same start up problem, and it’s been getting worse, then better, then worse. I’ve tried all I know to do without taking it somewhere and spending big bucks! I’ve also noticed that there are others on the board with similar issues, yet no one seems to have a solution.

Has anyone figured this out? I have been dealing with this for almost a year. My car has been in the shop about 9 times and even the dealer and a Mazda specialty shop have not been able to figure it out. All systems have been checked over and over again. By the time it’s towed into the shop it usually starts. The only time it didn’t start while at the shop it registered the fuel pump relay switch was bad. Had it replaced and it started, but the next day it was up to its old tricks and wouldn’t start after a short drive. It now has a quicker turnaround time. Any answers greatly appreciated.