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99 Hyundai Sonata - Won't Start, Beeping noise from dash

I have a 99 Hyundai Sonata that won’t start. I have been noticing a beeping noise coming from the left part of the dash a few times in the last week. Today it started fine, I drove it to the gas station, and when I tried to start it again it wouldn’t start. It seemed like the car had no power. I tried again and the car alarm went off (I’m assuming because the battery came back on) and there was the same beeping noise from the dash. This time it started and it seemed like the car had all of its power again. It started 3 more times with no problems and then would not start again after I got home. At this point I cannot get it to start, and the alarm keeps sounding even when I try turning it off with the valet switch.

It does have an alarm that the dealership put in, but it was installed after the car was built. I do not have the remote controller for the locks so I do not use the alarm. Also, over the past few months I have had trouble with oil getting into the alternator. I have had the alternator tested and cleaned out twice, and both times this has ‘fixed’ the car. I can’t seem to figure out where the oil is coming from, so I have a cover over the alternator to hopefully prevent this again. The last time the alternator was cleaned was about 2 weeks ago. This time, however, the car did not show problems with the electric system until it died, whereas the last two times the cars electric system slowly died I part at a time.

Please help,

Very confused and without much money!