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99 honda civic cold start problem

my 99 honda civic has been having trouble starting only when the car is cold. it started out turning over and then actually kicking on, sometimes with a clunk noise. but now it doesnt make the noise and only starts when i turn the key back and shakes and stumbles, then will run normally after about 5 seconds. i’ve had the ignition coil, cap, and rotor changed, new spark plugs, and the battery is fine.

A faulty coolant temperature sensor could cause cold start problems.

You had the distributor cap, rotor, and plugs replaced. What about the wires?

Could be a leaking fuel injector. That cylinder is flooded at first and does not produce any power. In a few seconds, the excess fuel has been expelled, the cylinder is working, and the engine is running smoothly. A can of good fuel system cleaner like Sea Foam or something with Techron in it poured into the fuel, could fix this.

i didnt change the wires. but the mechanics said they were cheap ones…