99 ford ranger..transmission

i have a 99 ford ranger…the engine light came on… i took it to the dealer…they said i needed a torque converter and a selinoid… it runs and shifts perfectly…although i havn’t had it on the hwy yet… any suggestions?? thx…

The computer has probably displayed a code that indicates that the torque converter is not locking up correctly when commanded. It looks like the service tech is shotgunning it by covering the most likely candidates. Take the truck up to highway speeds and see if can notice the torque converter lock and unlock, then try to determine if the TQ is slipping when locked. On an incline, you should be able to taper the throttle up while holding constant speed without the engine RPM moving much until the TQ unlocks and then the RPM should jump up 500-1000. Also see if there is any shuddering or jerking before the TQ unlocks.

I don’t think you can get away with disconnecting the lockup solenoid as the power management computer will sense the lack of response to the lockup command and set the CEL.

Let us know the outcome of this problem.

Also see if you can get the exact code that has been set. It might point to a very specific problem.

When the converter locks up, it will feel like a slight upshift into high gear. It will happen at around 35-45 mph.

Have an independent transmission shop check it out. If you fell it’s operating normally, you can drive it without worry…NEVER let a computer tell you what to do.