99 ford escort?

Hi, heavy rains in my area today and wife drove through some type of water puddle.

The battery light is on and the car is hard to turn,steering and the air condition is not working correctly.

Tough luck, is there a question here?

i suppose you would like some suggestions as to what to look at first. Open the hood and find the FEAD belt. It drives all of the stuff you mention. If find it check the condition and tension. If you can’t find it, maybe it slipped off.

I agree with B&B that all of the symptoms point toward a simple belt problem.
Before you kill the battery, I would suggest that you NOT start the engine or drive the car until you can verify that the belt is still there and that it is tightened correctly.

Sounds like a belt came off. Open the hood and look.

Ok, you guys are correct a belt came off on the passenger side of the car. How do I get this back on. Any diagrams?

There is a belt routing diagram right there under the hood. A 3/8" ratchet drive will, probably, go into the hole in the idler to slacken the belt. If not, the Haynes, or Chilton’s Repair Manual will show and tell.

will go and check right now

Hi, went to check the hood for diagram, and it was blank. Went to Autozone for a printout, but would like to know how do I get to it. I mean it’s a tight fit trying to squeeze your hands down into the small little hole trying to get the belt back on. Can you tell me a simple way to fix this, just difficult to get to on an ford escort.