99 Ford Escort or 2003 Hyundai Accent L? Which would be the smarter buy?



Hi - buying a car for my stepson, and I have the choice between a 99 Ford Escort 4-door sedan with power locks, etc., and a 2003 Hyundai Accent L - 2 door. The Ford has 63k miles…the Hyundai has 40k miles. Both are in excellent condition – Hyundai has fewer frills but still is under warranty (title transfer will reduce it to 5 year & 60k miles, whichever comes first). Ford owner wants $3900 and the Hyundai owner wants $4500.

Which car is likely to be more reliable? Which would you buy?


The Escort is a very reliable car, and it costs less than the Hyundai, therefore I’d buy the Escort.


Hyundai without a doubt. To even consider the Ford is ludicrous. I’ve got an 02 Accent, and it’s been an excellent, reliable car, not to mention cheap to insure, operate, and maintain. It’s also fairly slow, which is good for a younger person, keeps them safer. Also, with fewer frills, there’s less to go wrong on the Accent. The Hyundai is certainly the way to go here.