'99 ford 4x4 ranger,auto trans and abs.wouldn't move until a loud clunk

my pick up would not move in either drive or reverse until i gave it a lot of gas. then after a loud clunk sound from underneath, it took off and drove normally. my mechanic said if the tranny is a quart low it will do that. i checked the fluid and it has too much fluid.
any ideas?

My first thought would be the universal drive shaft joints followed by the rear differential. If the auto transmission functions properly otherwise, it’s hard to imagine it would be something as minor as the fluid level. Now, if it does the same thing every time you shift in and out of reverse…?

It only does this once in awhile,like maybe once every 3 to 4 weeks.Could this be a brake problem? Maybe something isn’t releasing? It seems to do this mainly in cold rainy or snowy weather.

it could be a drive shaft binding up. That could be caused by a bad joint in the drive shaft. Agreement there.

Or it could be the transmission - but if thats the case, I would be getting an engine lift, a chilton or haynes repair manual and heading out to the scrap yard for a new (scrappped, but working) transmission. It is (70% sure here) forked. It also could just be the parking pal sticking (30%)

it could be a drum brake not releasing. Do you use your parking brake? Apply the parking brake really hard. Does the locking up happen? (warning - if locking up happens, you may not be able to move- so do this ON YOUR DAY OFF, not right before work)

I have seen e brake cables bind up more than once before.

next time it happens an you are not in a rush - jack up the car and see which wheels move. The transmission wont let the turn freely - but they should wiggle side to side a little. (10 degrees? ish?) (if you have ever jacked up one side of a car and wiggled a wheel locked in place by park, you will know what I mean - it has a little wiggle). if you find a wheel that is rock solid - thats your locked brake. If none of them are stuck, then transmission or drive shaft.

I am also learning toward binding drum brake(s) as an area to be checked.