99 f150 drum brakes grabbing at low speed

i installed new shoes and had the newish drums turned, after the shoes seated to the drums there is a grabbing at very low speed and the left rear tire will skid depending on the road surface. the mechanic that inspected the car, it just passed, hinted at the wheel cylinder, i just changed the e brake cables, no leaking at the cylinder, should i just change out the rear cylinders, is this their failure warning aside from leaking. thanks , ken.

There is a leading and a trailing shoe…Are they installed in their correct positions? One is usually longer than the other. The larger shoe goes to the REAR. The next suspect is the emergency brake linkage and the self-adjuster mechanism…

When someone has a problem with rear drum brakes after performing a brake job, the first thing to ask is were the brakes shoes installed in their proper positions?

When you look at a set of brake shoes you’ll notice that the friction linings on one pair of brake shoes is shorter than on the other pair of brake shoes. The shorter lining brake shoes are installed so they point to the front of the vehicle and shoes with the longer linings are installed pointing to the rear of the vehicle. If you get this mixed up, the drum brakes will self energize and lock up.