99 escort 2.0L SPI SOHC Engine replacement



I have a 1999 Ford Escort 4door with the 2.0L SOHC Split Port Induction Motor. This is the VIN Code P motor and apparently these things are as rare as a UFO sighting. These are notorious for valve seat drop out and guess what happened. I have pulled the head (ruined) and turned the crank manually ( the affected cylinder does not move with the rest. Broken connecting rod?) and I still need to pull the engine completely to see if the cylinder wall is completely trashed.

I have found a few locally but they want $600 for a motor with 147,000 miles. I found a full rebuild kit on eBay including head, pistons, rings, bearings, waterpump, oil pump…etc for $800. I also found a used motor online for $800 with only 83,000 miles and free shipping.


This car is technically mine and my wifes but it is still titled in my Grandmother-in-Laws name (inheritance). Kind of up a creek with no paddle. I have a 52 mile commute one way and I am taking my motorcycle now so my wife can use my car. Winter is coming soon and I can’t seem to find snow tires for a 2003 Suzuki Intruder 1400. Any help or sage advice would be MUCH appreciated.

Also, if you happen to find a set of snow tires for a 2003 Suzuki Intruder 1400 you can send them to 5409 State Rte 160…


Your engine sounds like it’s history. Rebuilding it is really not an option…

So your choice is take a chance and install the $800. 83K mile motor or scrap the car and move on…


if going w/used engine and anouther 500.00 for the little stuff like water pump, hoses, belts clutch if stick and so on. did you hear the ebgine run?


Make sure if you get the used motor to do things like the timing belt BEFORE you put it in… Its cheap insurance and easy to do with the motor out. I personally would also pull the pan, and make sure it was clean (not sludged)…


Yep new motor the go


Same thing just happened to my 98 wagon with 202k miles on it… I found a wrecked 02 Escort zx2 with only about 24k miles on it. I picked that up for $450 and swapped the engines (I really didn’t want to deal with another dropped valve seat). It was quite a job as the wiring & location of some things under the hood is different for the 2 engines, but it def. has more power now.