99 Buick Century

Ok, got a 99 Buick Century that is a cantankerous old hag. It doesn’t like to start sometimes. naturally when i really need to get somewhere. The security light blinks at me for a while, goes solid, then i cycle the ignition and hope it will start. It happens with multiple keys and remote start(which has been removed multiple times because each mechanic thinks that will magically fix it). no rhyme or reason, it sends no code, the local buick dealership couldn’t figure it out. I think its my security computer. what is the easiest/cheapest diy solution besides get full coverage and leave it in the ghetto with the keys and hope it ends up on cops? battery is fine, it starts normally most of the month, just maybe a handful of times a month it won’t. starter i believe is still good as well, and gets voltage when it starts. fuel pump audibly works all the time.

When the engine refuses to start do you get a faint click sound from the starter solenoid?

If there is no click when the no-start occurs maybe the problem is related to the neutral safety switch. Try shifting into neutral and then attempting a start.

You might also consider checking the junction terminal to make sure the connection there is clean and secure. This should be located near the battery. Follow the positive battery cable (not the one to the starter motor) and it should be located under a small plastic cover.

Nope, there is no clicking, and it will not start when in neutral.

Your mechanic’s are on the right track with the remote start. But its not the remote start itself. When the remote start was installed the resistor for the vats pass key was cut and replaced with a resistor that makes it think it has the key in it. Here is a link that tells you how to fix this. http://newrockies.com It could also had a dip switch to replace it put in too. Also look for a switch under the carpet. I have seen these flat switches under the carpet that you press with your foot. If you don’t know it is there you get in and step on it, car would not start. Get out or move your foot and step on again and car starts. They were put in with some remote starts.

The link I posted does show how to bypass the vats system. What I did not know till I read it till the end is the guy is selling a fix also. Sorry about that. You can google for more web sites on how to fix this yourself. I would read his site as it does explain the vats pass key system.