99 4-Runner

Hi, I have a 99 4-Runner, 4WD SR5 … has

about 160,000 miles.

Recently in the morning, or after the car

has been sitting for a long time…

When I start to drive off the engine will

stall out/pause as if it’s not getting any

gas … after the car warms up … a minute

or two later, it runs fine… I could just

let it warm up properly before I drive off

but I feel like something is about to

break completely.

I did put it in neutral and revved the

engine to see if the same thing would

happen (it did) to make sure it was

engine related rather than a transmission


Any thoughts? Thanks very much!


It could be as simple as a faulty coolant temperature sender. How old are the spark plugs and wires, and when was the last time the fuel filter was changed?

LOL. The answer is old, old and awhile. :slight_smile: I bought the car about 2 years ago
and haven’t done anything except to have the oil changed periodically.

Well, a little preventive maintenance goes a long way.

And now, that preventative maintenance may (if you’re lucky) become curative; but, no guaranty.

Fair enough! :slight_smile: So if I take it to get it serviced you’d suggest having the fuel filter changed, new plugs? and check the coolant temperature sender?

So if there is a problem with the coolant temperature sensor does this mean that my car is in danger of overheating? The temperature gauge seems to read normal…Can I drive it like this for a bit? I’m taking it in on Monday…I’m just not sure if I’m at risk for heating up and seizing my engine or something catastrophic…

The coolant sensor Mcparadise mentioned isn’t the same one used for the dash gauge. It is used by the ECU to measure the coolant temperatures. There is a thermostat also that controls the temperature of the coolant. Unless the dash gauge indicates the engine is hot there isn’t a problem.