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98 Subi Forester - Replace Engine?

I got a 98 Subi Forester L, stick, 130k mi. How hard is it to R&R an engine in my car? I’ve seen engines for my subi for around $1500 and I would ONLY buy a rebuild for obvious reasons (see my previous posts). I’m pretty capable - about 100 years ago I used to street race a 70 goat and she spun a rod bearing twice. I did the rebuild both times by myself. Thanks.

Sounds like you have enough experience to tackle the job. I would pick up a copy of Haynes Repair Manual for your Subaru. It’s not the greatest repair manual in the world but it does contain a lot of good information and the pictures really explain a lot sometimes. Good luck.

Missileman- I checked on that awhile back and nobody makes a manual for a 98 Forester except Subaru and it’s $$$. I’m currently using some docs I bought on ebay (5 bucks LOL!) that appear to be copies from the Subaru manuals. They work good for small jobs and even show how to R&R the engine, but I’d probably bite the bullet and get the Subaru manual if I decide to do it. Thanks.

I have several pdfs that would cover the 2.5 liter engine. PM me with your email address and I’ll pass you what I have.

Contemplating rebuilding 98 Forester engine myself. Anyone have experience with rebuild kit like: ??

@millhunk … see if you local public libary offers the AllData service. Many public libraries offer this service to their patrons. There’s a Chiltons version too. AllData seems to be a little more comprehensive from my experience. It’s a computer database of repair procedures they have gathered together for cars of all types and years, and would likely prove helpful in your Subuaru pursuit. It’s written more for the pro mechanic, so it assumes knowledge an amateur (like me) wouldn’t necessarily have – but I’ve still found it to be quite helpful fixing my cars when they go south. Plus when the procedure changes due to problems or discovered in the shop manual or previously published Haynes/Chiltons, the new revised, clarified procedure is shown on All Data.