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98 subaru legacy outback

I have 2 questions. First, will the catalytic converter from a 95 impreza outback work on a 98 legacy outback? Second, the adjustments on our headlights seem to be frozen. Is there any way of adjusting the headlights without breaking them? Better yet, how exactly does the mechanism work (ie-just a screw or a gear system)?

I tend to doubt if the converters are interchangable. Exhaust parts, including cat converters, are designed with the both the displacement and the back pressure of an engine in mind. Since the Impreza Outback uses a 2.2 liter engine, and the Legacy Outback uses a 2.5 liter engine, I would expect the specifications for their respective catalytic converters to be somewhat different, and this difference could lead to exhaust restriction if you use the Impreza cat on the Legacy.

However, a call to a Subaru dealer’s parts dept should give you the answer to your question. You could also use some of the online Subaru parts suppliers and do a search for an Impreza cat and also for a Legacy cat. If the parts numbers are the same, then they use the same part. If the parts numbers are different, I would suggest that you not substitute the other cat converter.

I should have mentioned that the engine in the legacy has been changed to a 2.2 liter about 24 months ago. Would that change anything?

In that case, they are likely to be interchangeable. However, I would still suggest doing what I recommended to check parts numbers.

What year is your 2.2L? A 1995 cat converter would be OBD-I. 1996+ is OBD-II. I understand cat converter lacks electronics but the sensors and tolerances are different OBD-I to ODB-II.

I don’t know the year of the 2.2l but I could check with the guy that got it for me.