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98 Plymouth voyager needs to pass emissions or at least look like it

How can i get my van to pass emissions test?

It’s a 98 Voyager 2.4L with about 130,000K and I have changed the plugs and wires months ago. it has had a light on for over a year now. it has said the same code forever. cylinder miss fire.

The van is only worth $700 and I just need it to pass so I won’t get a ticket for my plates. I cant afford a big bill at the repair shop. It is my family’s only ride. Please help.

Thank you,


Depends on what state you are in. In MD, if you fail, then spend at least $450 trying to correct the problem, you can get a waiver good until the next emissions (2 years). Maybe your state has something like that.

Tennessee … in that case how would they really know weather your invoice was real?
is it possible to maybe make an invoice that says $450 was spent and itemize the parts used.
Wonder if that would work? im desperate. any tricks like turn the key a bunch of times or disconnect the battery or run high octane fuel. whatever i could easily and cheaply do.