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98 Malibu quits at idle and seems to miss at hiway speeds

69 Malibu with 208K miles. I have owned it for 6 years and have done normal oil changes as well as - a/c compressor, a/c control panel, radiator resivoir and sensor, brake fluid level sensor, e-brake switch, ignition switch and lock assemblies, timing chain, chain cover gaskets, etc…

This Spring ('09) the car would not idle and the mechanic replaced the vacuum line to the idle control module. Then the car would quit running on hot afternoons after about 30 minutes both at stop lights and while running (the rpm would not respond to throttle). We replaced the fuel pump, the intake mainfold gaskets (both ends), plugs, coils, and ignition module (not the ecm), this did not help much except now it randomly quits at stop lights and feels like it is missing at highway speeds.

Secondly and I do not know if it is related, but I get random ABS and BRAKE lights that flash on for a moment then shut off and do not leave a code in the ecm. In addition I get the THEFT light to flash on and off randomly as well. Originally the only code that the ECM showed was “lean mixture”. Now it randomly gives lean or rich mixture, throttle sensor, icm, and other codes.

I have spent too much on this car, but it is now a question of fixing it to not waste all the money that has gone before! Any insight would be appreciated.

Sorry it really is a 1998 Malibu… finger check on he 69…