98 Honda CR-V

My '98 CR-V has 90,000 miles and needs some work. Front struts, new tie rods and boot joints. Firestone says these parts wear out in 10 years and wants approximately $1,200.

Should I do it or is a new car in my future?

These items are maintenance, not major repairs. I wouldn’t buy a new car just to avoid spending a little on maintenance. That said, get a second opinion from another shop. Those items may not be as bad as stated.

Firestone autocare are a bunch of clowns. I had tires installed at an excellent price. However they recommended about $600 of work even though it just had come from a dealer and I performed a 30k mile service 2000 miles prior.

They just suggest things in order to make money. I will never go back as I simply asked for them to replace my tires not evaluate it.