98 Forrester Subaru 2.5 liter engine

Help, my Subaru engine blew up in W.Va. The mechanic who has it says to replace it with a used 2.2 engine, which was a better engine. The cost is minimal compared to a new Jasper. What should I do? I live 250 miles away from w.va.

The truth is the 2.2L much more reliable of an engine. The 2.5L in Subaru of the 96-2000 vintage is known to blow head gaskets (I assume your issue). If the cost is minimal for the 2.2L it may be a viable solution although your distance makes it a risky proposition and unknown condition. If the mechanic knows Subaru’s the swap is not difficult. You will get less power out of the engine but a bit better mileage to in the bargain.

Not sure what the engine cost is from Jasper but I would trust this company much more, http://www.ccrengines.com/ , they are experts in rebuilding any Subaru engine and have techniques to address the poor head gaskets used in the original Subaru 2.5L motor. I would advise to contact ccr before proceeding.

best of luck