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98 Ford Escort engine cuts out

Ignition coil replaced twice in 3 weeks, engine still cuts out randomly and “service engine soon” light flashes on.

Are you actually looking for help? Or just randomly reporting some haphazard facts from your life?

I’ll assume you might want some help. Perhaps it is time to look at something other than the coil pack? Why do you keep replacing the coil pack? What error codes are stored in the computer? (format: “P1234”) How many miles are on it? How old are the spark plugs & wires? Filters? How does it idle? How does it cut out? Complete and sudden shut down? Or starts to spit and sputter and chug and more slowly stalls? What happens after it “cuts” out? It restarts? Easily? Doesn’t restart? Just cranks? Won’t crank? Under what conditions has it cut out? Cold/hot? Idle only? Under load? Any old time?

My mechanic diagnosed the ignition coil, he thought the first coil was defective. I don’t know the error codes but I did have a second mechanic check and he couldn’t pinpoint an error . 178,000 miles, 2-3 years or so on the spark plugs & wires (25k miles). Filters, are changed @ normal maintenance cycles by my mechanic. Idles fine 95% of the time but will idle rough randomly on a cold start. Cuts out as though the engine were fluttering, almost like a compression problem - sputters & chugs. Car does not shut down, just runs rough then comes out of it after a minute ore two. Restarts easily, has cut out after running for 20 minutes and on a cold start. Some element of the cutting out - sputtering/ chugging happens every time I drive the car.

Get the codes and post them. Many auto parts stores read them for free.

Ask your mechanic if he is familiar with Escort valve seat issues. You can do some internet work on it yourself. Don’t jump to any conclusions about it, but you should have the compression checked - now. Any issues, especially if on cylinder 4 would have me considering either replacing/remanning the head or dumping the car.

Other than that, I hope the fuel pressure has been checked under load.