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98 Dodge Ram 5.2

I let this truck sit for awhile, the battery died and when I charged it it started good and idled excelent but when I put it in gear or rev it up, as soon as I let off the gas it dies, also the exhaust comming out of the tail pipe is very weak. I know it needs a tune up and oil change. it has 212,000 miles but I believe the engine was rebuilt. Any ideas about the stalling?

Clean the throttle body
Also check for obvious vacuum leaks at idle
If that doesn’t help, consider replacing the idle air control valve

The computer has probably lost it’s KAM (Keep Alive Memory) if the battery died. This means the engine has to run long enough so that the computer can relearn it’s operating parameters. At first the engine will run like crap, but the longer you drive it the better it will run.