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98 Civic leaking antifreeze

My 98 Honda Civic is leaking antifreeze. The man at the oil change place said that I need a new head gasket. But when I look at the engine with the motor running, I see that the fluid is dripping from something I believe is called the water outlet cover. This is on the far left side of the motor where the top radiator hose connects. Can I safely assume that the water outlet gasket is truly the problem and is a cheaper fix?

Forget the guy at the oil change place. You can see the leak? Take it to a real mechanic, an independent shop with good Honda knowledge. Ask them for a fix and an estimate of the cost.

The gooseneck, aka thermostat housing or as you called it water outlet cover, had a bleed valve in it. Maybe it is loose?

I found this picture. I think I’ll try to fix it myself with some RTV sealer.