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98 Civic Automatic Transmission Problem

Why don’t you pull the codes again and post them here?

10 years later and I have the exact problem on a 1999. I have think solenoid as well as the transmission works flawlessly until warm. I changed to Honda fluid a year ago, that is no help. Did an original poster or anyone else get the problem fixed? Also, codes are no help.

As I said a decade ago, the 6th generation Honda Civic is known to have a very weak automatic transmission. I was very lucky that I chose one that had a manual transmission, and I loved owning it for 21 years and 318,000 miles.

Driving a 21-year-old car means you should expect to have problems, and on this particular model, that means getting a new (used/rebuilt/etc.) transmission every so often, or being on a first name basis with a good transmission rebuilder like @transman618.

Whitey, this is my second one of these cars. The first I bought new and never had a problem. This “weak” transmission climbs the Rockies (steepest grades around) I live next to with the ease of a bighorn sheep, even in first gear before it worms up. This is not a transmission that is weak mechanically

That says to me you were using the wrong fluid up to that point, which may explain the damage. Failure when warm is a classic sign of loss of pressure, either from leaky seals or the pump failing. How many miles on the car? High mileage + 21 years may just equate to the transmission being worn out.

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It says something different to me. It says this person is hoping maintenance (a fluid change) will work like a repair. I never understand that mentality. You take a vehicle to the shop because the transmission is malfunctioning in some way, and you get sold a fluid change.

I change my transmission fluid based on the maintenance schedule. How is changing it again supposed to correct a malfunction? Does that ever work, or are they just padding the bill?

Anytime someone recommends a maintenance task to correct a malfunction, rather than an actual repair, I become suspicious that this particular person should not be trusted.

I went through this at work once. One of our fleet pickups was shifting hard. Our fleet mechanic took it to a dealership service department, and they recommended a transmission flush. I warned the maintenance supervisor that he was just flushing money down the toilet, but he didn’t listen, and sure enough, he ended up paying for the flush and a transmission rebuild, rather than just paying for the rebuild.

Good point.

It’s a Hail Mary Pass that rarely–if ever–works.
I don’t understand it either.

I have no idea what was in it previously. I bought my granddaughter an SUV and took over this Civic. From her. It had not been well cared for. I took it up into the mountains again today (warm) and it climbed better than a Sherpa in 2 and 3 Ive taken it on 2-2,000 miles trips to the midwest from Colorado in less than a year and it is also strong on the Interstate.