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98 Chevy Metro LSI Hatchback

I commute daily in Bess, my faithful (red) 97 Jeep Cherokee (185K). I have the opportunity to purchase a 98 Chevy Metro LSI Hatchback (145K) for $2300. I ran a carfax report which turned up 2 owners but nothing else out of the ordinary. The right front headlamp has been replaced and there is a corresponding dent in the hood ( it looks like it was backed into by a WWF sort of vehicle).Even so, it doesn’t appear to have any further consequences from the blow. A Most importantly Zoe, the Wonder Dog, will fit nicely in the back. “Mechanics Files” mechanic will be putting her up on the lift this afternoon for a peek. Do you know of any pros or cons that would sway this purchase one way or another?

Sounds like a good buy if it checks out. Small cars especially extra efficient ones are calling for a premium and will for years to come if prices keep climbing at the pump.

Geo and then Chevy Metro suffered from high replacement parts prices. WE used to joke about buying a car just for parts. Some things that came to mind that were expensive were AC components (compressors were high and they did leak, system had small capacity and leaks on this car were very hard to find) Parts like door latches,lock cylinders(both ignition and door) door latches and window regulators,these kind of things were unusually expensive.