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97 subru legacy 2.2l blue coolent or windshiel wiper spray

Hi There, It would really help me out if you could tell me that its not the coolent. Here’ what happend…I came home and noticed this blue liguid dripping behind both front tires on the ground. Then the next morning I shoveled off snow on my windshield and noticed it was all over the vent where the hot air comes out to defrost the windshild…So is it possible that it’s not the coolent??

Is the liquid you see the exact same color as your washer fluid? I would expect it to be washer fluid at the cowl area,did it freeze? Myabe a leak put it behind your front wheels,or it ran off the glass.

Everthing (color, location) would appear to indicate that this is indeed WW fluid.

However, you should monitor the coolant level (in both the radiator and the overflow reservoir) for several days just to play safe. Only open the radiator cap when the cooling system is COLD.

Unfortunetly, I have been too scared to open the hood and now where I live the car is covered with ice! Thanks for getting back to me

Thanks, if I do all that and everything appears to be ok is that a bad sign??? By the way what is acowl??? thankd