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97 honda civic runs bad with the air conditioning on

My 97 honda civic EX is having trouble getting going after stopping with the air conditioning on. I have to revs the RPMs up to around 2000 and still then it lugs the engine down. Without the air conditioning the car will accelerate normally without to much gas and RPMs. I’ve changed the timing belt and water pump. Also what RPM should the car be idling at? Thank you all for your help

It’s possible that the AC compressor is binding and when connected by the AC clutch is loading down the crank. Remove the belt that drives the compressor and see if there’s evidence of this. It could be in the form of a glaze on the pulley, or a pulley that wobbles side to side with your hand.

And if it shows this glaze or wobbles, then I need a new clutch or compressor? Or is there another way I could fix the binding?

You’ll need a new compressor. The compressor and the clutch are an assembly.

The binding may be in the compressor, which would not be evident without the clutch engaged. The reasons I suggested looking for evidence rather than trying turning the pulley by hand are that (1) if the pulley is disengaged it could turn readily by hand with the clutch disengaged anyway even if the compressor were failing, and (2) if it’s engaged the compressor will create resistance anyway. Without knowing how hard the compressor is to turn when good it’s be impossible to know whether the resistance were normal or not.