97 F150 Battery won't hold charge

97 f150 the problem is the battery test’s good and the alternator test’s good but after I start the engine 5 to 10 minutes later I loose all light’s and the engine dies and need to jump start it again.whats going on

Just get a new battery. I had one a few weeks ago-car didn’t get used much but started fine after sitting for weeks. Brought it the garage and had the trickle charger on it for three days. Showed a good charge. Went to start it and wouldn’t hardly turn the starter over but showed a good charge. Voltage was down to about 10V instead of 13V. Took it back since only 2 years old and they said it looked good but boarderline. Gave me a new one anyway and no problems. Personally I don’t trust those parts counter testers.

It tests good because it’s not a real test. Try a new battery.

There are a number of possible problems. How was the battery and alternator tested? A bad battery can usually slip past a test easier than a bad alternator. How old is the battery. If it is more than three years old, I would just replace it. How often does this happen? Has someone cleaned all the battery cables (both ends)?