'97 Corolla Oil Consumption

Corolla has 150,000 miles. Oil consumption jumped from less than a quart in 2000 miles to a quart every 500 miles in a matter of weeks. No sign of oil leak or oil smoke. Any suggestions welcome.

No sign of oil leak or oil smoke? You certain?

If so, take your pick:

Pistons and cylinders excessively worn
Worn or damaged piston rings
Intake and/or exhaust valve oil seals worn
Worn valve stems (in engine) Or bad valves or guides worn or damaged.

How long have you had the car; is this something you recently bought?

Have you “read” the plugs? Oil being burned in the cylinder will be clearly identifiable in that manner. If you have oil being drawn past worn valve stem seal, you may noe see puffs of smoke unless you’re in a vehicle trailing hehind the car when it decelerates.