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97 Camry bad engine knock

My Camry has only 225,000 on it, and all of a sudden developed an engine knock when I started it about four weeks ago. Fairly constant when engine running, but not audible when I’m moving right along. Someone told me a spun engine bearing, but I’ve driven close to 1,000 miles since it started. The car runs okay. Oil has been changed every 3-5k, including after the problem started. Any other options besides an engine bearing? Cost?

“My Camry has only 225,000 on it”

Not what I’d call ‘only’…you’re at the point where major things can start to go wrong with any car. You need to find a good mechanic, have them take a look.

Engine knock could be something internal or an accessory with a bad bearing inside. Since no one can hear it not distinguish it I give it a cost of $50(bad belt) - $3000(for new engine).

You will only get blind well really deaf guesses here unless you can post a half decent sound clip.