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97 cadilac don't start

have spark and gas i am getting code 52 don’t know what it is

Code 52 is an ECM fault. Usally means a bad computer or a failed prom chip.

A '97 Cadillac doesn’t have a code 52. Its an OBD-2 system and any codes that go with the engine light will be a P with 4 digits (like P1234). Clarify the code- or correct the year.

How do you know you’re getting fuel? Was an actual pressure gauge put on it? Is the spark nice and bright and blue?

Oops…? Duhh… Sorry old habit. You are correct ! 1997 is an odb system.

correction is a 1995 sorry about it

Given that it is a '95 then bluboytoy was on the right track, though its not likely a bad computer or chip. It basically means that your ECM memory was recently reset. Did your battery recently die and/or get replaced? Did you pull the cables for any reason? Have you checked and cleaned the battery cables and all grounds (esp. at the alternator)? Presumably the car actually cranks over but just won’t fire up? What happens when you turn the key?

If it is cranking fine then I’d think it unlikely that the code is related to the no start.