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97' bmw 528i series


i have a 1997 bmw 528i and i have a problem with the cooling. there is coolent going through the radiator but the temperture gauge is still running high. so if anyone know whats going on please let me know.

The 5-series BMWs are fameous for having bad water pump impellers. Even though you can see some movement of coolant (which seems odd because of the way the overflow bottle is attached to the end of the radiator) I’d still suspect the impeller.

In addition to MG’s impeller erosion, the possibility of which I agree with, it could also be as simple as a faulty thermostat. Or a radiator with coated internals.

T-stats can be tested…or cheaply replaced. Radiator flow can be tested. Water pumps can be tested. Have you tried anything at all yet?

And the main cause of the impeller erosion and assorted head gasket issues in these cars is the use of improper coolant. A good place to start is to make sure it’s got the correct fluid. If it’s green coolant you’ve got problems from the get go.